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Athlete with RA crosses finish line at USA Triathlon National Championships!

CJ SpokesAthlete Dina Neils, a triathlete with RA & two total hip replacements, shares how she swam, biked, ran, cried & fought her way across the finish line at Nationals

Not a Baby: Good deed or are you really infantilizing someone with a disability?

CJ Blogger Kirsten Schultz, diagnosed with systemic juvenile arthritis at 5, on how to avoid infantilizing those with chronic illness & disabilities—and still help

Up Down Up: The emotional roller coaster that’s life with autoimmune disease

After CJ Blogger Dan Malito mentally preps for major surgery, receives good wishes from friends & family, and starts counting down the days—his operation is cancelled

RA Story: He thought he knew pain. Then he knew rheumatoid arthritis

CJ Blogger Unexpected Advocate, whose husband also battles rheumatoid arthritis, on the sad moment she realized that he knew what real pain was

Why I Don’t Cook: Living alone exposes the limits RA has set for Kat Macfarlane

Living on her own again has brought into stark relief for CJ Blogger Kat Macfarlane how she is a sick person who needs help and can no longer push her body to overcome

Is the term ‘patient’ counterproductive in advocacy? What to call ourselves?

CJ Blogger Lene Andersen says as long as we use the word ‘patient’ to describe ourselves, we will not have meaningful participation in healthcare

The Best of Intentions: When friends & family give you ludicrous arthritis advice

CJ Blogger J.G. Chayko on politely dismissing a friend or family member’s thoughtful, albeit completely ludicrous suggestion for easing her rheumatoid arthritis

Poet’s Corner (& Artists too) ~ Issue #33: * Storytellers *

Special Storyteller Issue: View of Oklahoma, Sunlight on a Frosty Rose, and The Eye of RA (and a tale from Trevor)

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Kevin R. Stone: Knee Replacement as an Outpatient

Dr. Kevin R. Stone on how knee replacement can now be done as outpatient, thanks to computerized surgical planning, robotic arms, and new ways to prevent pain

What does rheumatoid arthritis feel like? —A no-holds-barred @&!/# description

CJ Blogger Dan Malito, an almost 30-year RA veteran, describes what it feels like living with the disease in evocative and sometimes r-rated terms