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Pet Story: The cat that got Dan Malito through his darkest RA days

CJ Blogger Dan Malito—once a no-pet advocate and NEVER a cat person—on the Siamese that got him through his days of isolation, horror and pain

It can be really difficult to give yourself self-love & self-care: 5 steps for beginners

CJ Blogger Kirsten Schultz on self-love & self-care and why it’s especially important for those living with chronic illness—and some basic steps on how to do it

She has RA and a Healthy Ex-Girlfriend…Should They Get Back Together?

Ms. Meniscus gives advice to a woman living with RA who broke up with her long-time girlfriend, a healthy woman who gave up a lot of physical activity to be with him. Now, she’s contemplating getting back together with her ex.

How willing are CreakyJoints members with RA to participate in research?

Dr. Ben Nowell, CJ Director of Patient-Centered Research, shares a recent report on CreakyJoints members with RA and their willingness to take part in research

Poet’s Corner (& Artists too) ~ Issue #36: **Gratefully Creative**

A photo journey by RA Guy, Invisible Illness Word Collage, and Trevor celebrates five years with Editor Brenda

Teetotaler or Tequila this Thanksgiving? When RA meds & alcohol don’t mix

CJ Blogger Sandi Davis on people with rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases having to weigh how to handle alcohol at holiday time

Are holidays a stressful time for you? Dr. Laurie says listen to your heart

For those who find holidays overwhelming, CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on how getting in touch with the rhythm of your heart can calm and de-stress you

Arthritis Power: Get a sneak peek at the early data for this patient-led initiative

After attending the 2nd annual meeting of the Arthritis Power Patient Governors, CJ Blogger Rachelle Crow gives us a sneak peek at the early data

RA, and the dread of the cold, damp and bleak days of November

CreakyJoints Blogger JG Chayko, who lives with rheumatoid arthritis, on coping with November, when mornings are rougher, fatigue heavier, and pain deeper

Getting your thankful on even when you live with pain and chronic illness

CJ Blogger Rick Phillips, who lives with RA and diabetes, says even though his chronic illnesses make him unhappy and life difficult, he is still thankful