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You, like us, read the headlines about Twitter. And like you, we have anxiety about what that means for the incredible online community we’ve cultivated. Rest assured: we won’t fall out of touch with you. We want to ensure you stay connected to the community you’ve helped build.

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#CreakyChats: Monthly Twitter Discussions About Chronic Disease

#CreakyChats is a monthly, patient-driven Twitter discussion that explores topics that are important to the chronic disease community. During a one-hour moderated chat, we provide a space for people to discuss pressing issues facing the arthritis/chronic disease community.

You don’t need to be a Twitter pro to join.

During #CreakyChats we encourage everyone to share their strengths, challenges, and experiences — that is how we can help and support people as we navigate life with chronic disease.

Why People Love Being Part of #CreakyChats

CreakyChats Twitter Chat
CreakyChats Twitter Chat
CreakyChats Twitter Chat

What #CreakyChats Teach Us About Living with Chronic Illness

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