Caring for Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA): A Parent's Guide

This guide provides parents with trusted information about managing their children's juvenile arthritis treatment and healthy lifestyle.

How Corticosteroids for Arthritis Affect Your Infection Risk

Doctors commonly prescribe glucocorticoids to help get arthritis symptoms in check. These powerful meds can reduce inflammation quickly to...

You Can Ease Inflammatory Arthritis Brain Fog with These 12 Tips for a Sharper Mind

Many people with RA don’t expect to encounter the forgetfulness and trouble thinking that often accompany the disease.

New Study: Psoriatic Arthritis Can Cause Different Kinds of Bone Damage (and Surprisingly, Psoriasis Might Too)

If you have psoriatic arthritis (PsA), you’re well aware of the way the inflammatory disease can affect your skin...

Everyone with Chronic Illness Could Stand to Read These 9 Thoughts About Not Being So Hard on Yourself

But many patients confess that the emotional aspects of chronic illness are the hardest to get used to.

The Happiness Lesson This Arthritis Patient Learned on a Particularly Crappy Day Will Resonate with Anyone Coping with Chronic Pain

Last week Lucy Trieshmann left a doctor’s office feeling particularly disheartened. “I was in a lot of pain and...

Downplaying Your Arthritis Symptoms Is Common, But Here’s the One Place You Should Never Do It

Raise your hand if you’ve ever minimized or brushed off your arthritis or chronic pain symptoms … Yeah, we...

How Long Does It Actually Take to Get Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease?

Check out these eye-opening research findings.
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