FDA Approves Amjevita, a Biosimilar to Humira

Amjevita, a biosimilar to Humira (adalimumab), was approved by the FDA for treatment of a number of inflammatory diseases....

An RA Patient Tells Her Story in 'Grief Diaries: Living With a Brain Injury'

The books in the "Grief Diaries" series feature personal narratives related to loss and trauma.

Living with Arthritis: Weight Issues and Taking Control

Most people are not entirely happy with their bodies. This is true in the arthritis community too. Weight plays...

Fail First Policies in the News: A Patient Speaks Out Against Step-Therapy

In an op-ed for the Daily News, Danielle Yevsa wrote about her experience with an insurer's step-therapy/fail first practices.

How Will Arthritis Patients Be Affected if Kratom is Banned?

Hundreds of kratom advocates descended on Washington, DC, earlier this week for a rally to protest the DEA’s likely...

Michael Kuluva and CreakyJoints Raise RA Awareness at New York Fashion Week

The designer's latest collection for his brand, Tumbler and Tipsy, was directly inspired by his own experience as an...

Prioritizing Patients in the Drug Access Debate

A look at the struggle patients face when dealing with insurance companies that deny coverage of vital, lifesaving medications...

Living with Arthritis: The Guilt Trap

Have you ever felt guilty because you have arthritis? A CJ blogger tackles this question.

Join Hundreds of Others to Study the Impact of Mindfulness

What if there were a new treatment for your rheumatic condition that made you feel better, cost nothing, and...

Don't Take Poison

Would you knowingly take poison? Learn how your own thoughts could be causing you harm.

Doctors: Friends or Foes?

Is your doctor a friend or foe? A CJ blogger explores this question and provides some insight into what...

50 State Network victory in Missouri

Patient Advocate Joni’s voice made a difference: House Bill 1366 in Missouri passed!
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