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Coronavirus Updates

Thanks to the #HighRiskCovid19 hashtag, the tireless patient advocate leaders behind it and who continue to promote it, and a handful of media outlets who have recently started covering how COVID-19 is affecting immunocompromised patients, there is starting to be more understanding about the special concerns and impact of the coronavirus pandemic on immunocompromised and high-risk patients.

But make no mistake: The thoughtless comments haven’t stopped. We turned to our patient communities on Twitter and Instagram to ask:

Unfixed Testing Problems

“I’m tired of Americans being told people can’t get testing. We need to ramp that up to save lives.” — @fridawrites

“Celebs and athletes having miraculous access to testing.” — @Chantelle617

“People are waiting days to get an appointment at a drive thru testing facility, only to find out they are out of tests. Yet somehow 4 NBA players test positive a day later…”  — @JediMaster941

“You meet criteria for testing but we don’t have enough tests.” — @TrashOrganized

Misplaced Blame

“I’m tired of xenophobia being a thing. Kindness matters.” — @UnxpctdAdvocate

Missing Medical Information

“I’m tired of people with asthma not being warned about the risks for a respiratory virus [COVID-19]. Why aren’t we being warned and told to take precautions? People with asthma usually have worse cases of pneumonia and complications. — @UnxpctdAdvocate

“‘Underlying health issues’ — I want to know specifically what they are.” — @samamfah

Political Hijacking

Tired of this real crisis being highjacked for political naysay. And it’s on both sides. #HighRiskCovid19 doesn’t care about any of that. Maybe we could let go of some of that, too. Maybe??? — @itsamuddylife

‘It’s Only…’

“It’s only affecting the elderly and immune compromised so were all going to be ok.” —@VenZenix

“I’m tired of hearing young people will be fine when some of us young people have no or low immune systems.” — @carrie_btter710

“I’m sick of being dismissed like our lives don’t matter.” — @dandilion1115

“I’m tired of people saying to each other out in public ‘Oh it’s ok, it’s just the really old or sick who could die.’ Like thanks a lot, glad our potential deaths are such an acceptable loss to you! #HighRiskCovid19 our lives matter too.” — @AlexMartin1976

Grocery Issues

“I’m tired of people offering the solution of having groceries/food delivered. That doesn’t happen in a lot of places so people must go get groceries.” — @Dividivigirl

“I had to remind my local grocery chain that the use of ‘senior hours’ is inappropriate because so many other groups are considered high risk for COVID. It’s more than seniors, people.” — @chellech

Not Understanding the Seriousness

“The death-rate’s really low. Are we doing too much? When will this be over?” —@MButlerHallett

“I’m tired of hearing ‘Most of us will be fine.’” — @MButlerHallett

Comparisons to Flu

 “‘The flu is worse. It’s not that big of a deal. Wash your hands and you’ll be fine.’” — @alliepardis

Social Distancing Screw-Ups

“I’m sick of people saying if people at a higher risk don’t want to get sick, they should stay home while it’s OK for others to be wherever. EVERYONE should #stayhome and care about others.” — @Dividivigirl

“I’m tired of hearing people justifying going out because they’ll ‘stay away from old people.’ Or because it isn’t dangerous for them.  #HighRiskCovid19 people are STILL PEOPLE and should never be treated as dispensable. No matter how ill, how elderly, how at-risk.” — @BlogLighterSide

“I’m tired of those who’re still shaking hands  are not understanding the impact it has.”— @chronically_as

HR Challenges

“‘Telework is NOT allowed. All our employees are essential to be on-site because we are a hospital.’ Yes, but would you rather pay me to do admin work from home or have me get super sick and/or die and you have to pay those insurance bills and/or benefits to my family?” — @Omnomynous

Empty Promises

“I’m tired of empty promises. My state, Colorado, has done about 1,300 tests, 287 positives, and four deaths. They’ve pretty much admitted they can’t test. I’m terrified of having to go into the hospital, being put on a ventilator (if they have one for me) and dying without my family.”  — @MCalmette

It’s Not Hysteria

“I’m really tired of the word ‘hysteria.’ I am not hysterical — a sexist put-down, number one. I’ve seen this and the risks coming for months now.” — @MButlerHallett


“I’m tired of hearing people complain about being cooped up and bored bc they@can’t do anything. I’m tired of the lies the government tells every day. I’m tired of not knowing if what I’m feeling today is a flare or something I should have checked.” — @flemmster

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