How do you describe something that isn’t tangible or heavily studied? Many people grapple with this when trying to explain to a friend or loved one a common issue for people with chronic disease, brain fog.  This often strange and deliberating symptom is hard to explain, especially when it’s impacting us.

We recently asked the CreakyJoints community how they would describe “brain fog”. Here are some responses:

  •  “Cotton wool head.”

  • “Brain is mush.”

  • “My brain farted.”

  • “Loading… still loading…”

  • “Swimming through clouds.”

  • “Drawing a blank.”

  • “Can’t concentrate… squirrel.”

  • “Huh? Mmmfg! Blahfk.”

  • “What’s that word?”

  • “Forget words disconnection”

  • “Hangover without fun”

  •  “Frustrating embarrassing stressful”

We can see that even with a foggy brain the CreakyJoints community doesn’t lose its creativity or humor. How would you describe brain fog?  Let us know in the comments.

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