On Monday July 10th  we hosted our first 24 hour #CreakyChats via Twitter. This chat covered a wide variety of topics with the focus being on sharing our chronic disease pro-tips.

Throughout this chat, over 100 members of the CreakyJoints community came together and shared valuable advice, practices, and encouragement. A wealth of knowledge was shared, and we hope you gained some insight along the way!

Here are 10 of our favorite tips:

  1. “Did you know that most biologics used for #RA have copay assistance programs? Most are easy to sign up for as well.”  (@mollyschreiber)

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  2. “Myth: You can’t be a good mom while living with RA. I now have young adult children that prove otherwise.” (@cateepoo88)

  3. “Wish I’d known it can take 5+ different biologics + supplements and years to find what works to curb RA symptoms…”  (@Dividivigirl)

    [Read: Treatments]

  4. “Sometimes joints shout and growl for no good reason. Listen, sigh, accept, rest, and do what you can. It will get better.”  (@RheumaBlog_Wren)

  5. “Patients are experts – we live every day in our own bodies. Docs only see us a small amount of time every few months. Trust yourself!” (@UnxpctdAdvocate)

  6. “You can have a career with RA. Pace yourself daily, be honest with staff about your limitations. Self care is necessary!” (@JilianInVegas)

  7. “Was diagnosed 30 years ago. Stay mobile and have hot/cold packs at the ready. Learn to manage the illness and life gets easier.” (@slyoldstoatyfox)

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  8. “Seeking help/support thru a chronic disease therapist can be invaluable not only for yourself but for significant other!” (@TerezHumphrey)

  9. “I learned patience. It takes time to understand how RA works in your own body. I learned to slow down, listen and adjust.” (@jgchayko)

  10. “Advice? If your doctor will not laugh find a new one. Life is hard, no need to be with a sour doc. Demand a sense of humor.”  (@lawrphil)

Have a tip? Let us know in the comment section.

To read highlights of the chat please visit our storify page.