Does your zodiac sign influence how you are as a patient? Below find some fun “insights” into your patient personality.  Let us know what you think in the comments.

You’re known to have fiery personalities and an instinct to lead. You might find yourself trying to take control of your appointments. You know how you feel, what you want, and why you want it — and you’re not afraid to express that. Nor should you be! Speaking up for yourself is incredibly important at the doctor’s office. Just remember that teamwork is the best way to accomplish your goals.


Loyal, hardworking, and a lover of all things comfortable, you work hard to stick to your treatment plans to keep yourself in tip top shape. You also need to be acknowledged when you do something right, so at your appointment you might be careful to showcase how well you’ve followed the plan. If there’s something wrong though, and you disagree with your doctor, you might become a little inflexible. Sometimes plans need to be adjusted to meet your needs, and that’s alright! Just don’t give up, although we know you won’t.


Do you want to try a new medication? Did you just read about a cool new alternative therapy? Did you see the latest research about your condition? You’re all over the place, Gemini, but in the best way. You come to your appointments prepared with three to thirty-three other things you want to try, and a whole bevy of questions. While your doctor appreciates how thorough you are, you should still keep in mind that often treatment plans take time to reach full efficacy. Don’t let your indecisiveness carry you away before your medications start to work! At the same time though, there’s no harm with a little complimentary treatment on the side, as long as your healthcare team approves.


Calm, caring, Cancer. You’re sensitive and insightful, and you’re usually a few steps ahead of your care team. You know what they might say, and you know how you feel about it. You also might feel you want a little extra gentleness, so be sure to pick a provider who can meet your emotional needs. After all, you’re a great judge of character, so trust your instincts and make sure you’re happy with the provider you see. It’ll make appointments more productive, and you’ll be more likely to be happy with your treatment plan going forward.


You like to be the star of the show, and this holds true at your appointments too. There’s nothing wrong with believing you’re the best and you deserve the best. You might be a little more demanding of your health team. After all, you want their undivided attention and the most premium care they can give. You deserve that, just remember that providers are people and are likely motivated by feeling valued and trusted.  Making a small effort to show your appreciation will go a long way in your relationship with your team.


Is a virgo without a list still a virgo? We can’t say for sure, but we do know you are meticulous when you plan for your appointments. You have your ArthritisPower report ready to show your doctor at all times. There’s no forgetting how you’ve felt every day for the last three months, and you certainly never skipped a treatment. No one appreciates your attention to detail more than your care provider, who loves the full picture you provide. Your biggest issues with appointments might be frustration when wait times seem to last forever. That’s fair- scheduling is important, and it can be difficult when yours doesn’t work out. Just remember not to take this out on the staff, because they’re doing the best they can!


You might come close to pushing your doctor to the edge with how long it took you to decide on your treatment plan. You might have pushed your doctor even further when you’ve forgotten your medication, or even your appointment. One thing is for sure though, you definitely brought your doctor back when you charmed them with your enthusiasm for teamwork, interest in every aspect of your care, and value of their knowledge. All these are integral to having productive visits, and once you get there you’re sure to have a good one.


Your passion for life inundates everything you do. This means when you go to your appointments, it’s not often with the attitude of getting chores done, but with the enthusiasm of someone going to their favorite museum. You’re not going to hold back, especially not with something as important as your health. Your providers definitely leave your visits together feeling energized by how much of your heart and soul you put into everything.


You can’t make it through an appointment without cracking sarcastic jokes and funny quips, and your care team definitely looks forward to your visits because of this. Your love of all things new and exciting is to be valued, but be aware- it might make you start to feel trapped in a routine. Try to ask your doctor for new ways to structure your treatment plan, maybe with slight variations on what times you take your medications or with a fun new storage container. After all, being bored is a silly barrier to quality care, and one that can be readily fixed with a little bit of your signature Sagittarius exploration.


If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times- Capricorns are the hardest working of signs. You don’t shy away from tasks, and you succeed at whatever you set out to do. This comes in handy when you’re faced with a new treatment plan or long term goals. You’re sure to accomplish your ideal health status in time with your dedication.


You found your doctor yourself. You did that based on a diagnosis that you already decided on for yourself, after a significant amount of research. You are independent and you don’t need anyone to help you. Well, except sometimes, and appointments are good times to ask for help. Remember that asking for your provider’s opinion or advice won’t detract from your strength, nor will it tie you down. That’s what they’re there for!


While many might stereotype you as over emotional, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy display of what you’re feeling, even at the doctor’s office. Appointments are full of opportunities to hear news that might overwhelm you, and that’s normal for anyone. Don’t feel like you can’t express your feelings as freely as you’d like! On typical days though, your doctor probably appreciates how calm and relaxed you are. It’s this combination of truthful expression and laid-back attitude that makes you a balanced patient.


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