I want to share this quote with you.

The grateful heart sits at a continuous feast.

At this time of year many of my clients are getting wound up. The “holidays” are here. This brings feelings of worry, anticipation, regret that “I can’t do everything I want to” or ‘it won’t be like it used to.”

But maybe the opportunity is to shift our perspective on what is needed.

We don’t have to do so much. We can dial it down, or make sure only what we truly enjoy is part of our holiday plan.

More importantly we can begin to harvest gratitude. What are those things that make your thankfulness feast? Here are some categories I think about when I am setting my table.

People and relationships, including our pets and animal friends.. Love is the greatest addition to the gathering.

Blessings and opportunities that have come our way.

Basics – food, shelter, little luxuries like hot water when we want it, early morning coffee, a comfortable bed, books, music, fresh vegetables and fruit, a clear sky, a tree in bud, our technology – the list is endless…

Our spiritual guides and the wild places that speak to our hearts and souls.

You probably have your own categories that are most important to you. Maybe your physical gifts – movement without pain, your exercise practice, a good night’s sleep.

Maybe it is your hobby and relaxation, music, art, or your own geography.

However you begin to gather your Thanksgiving table, this is the feast that will nourish you.

Take time this season to feed your heart with gratitude. It will benefit not only you, but through you, your gratitude will light the world.