Patient Council

Patient Council

The Joint Effort: A Patient Council By You, For You

CreakyJoints has developed a patient council aimed at reviewing and implementing patient centered guidelines for arthritis and related diseases.

Our goal is to fully incorporate the patient experience into the treatment process, producing healthier outcomes and easier lives.

Why a council?

  • Medical guidelines for treating arthritis and related diseases are lengthy, dense and difficult to understand. Patient led guidelines ensure those with new diagnoses have a road map for how to manage their new life.
  • Chronic disease can be isolating. Creating regional communities of active patients with a shared diagnosis can inspire courage and strength, ultimately leading to change.

Our goals

  • Create a specialized group of dedicated and passionately trained patient advocates.
  • Develop guidelines for patients with arthritis and related diseases on how to live a successful life and empower us to take charge of our treatment and medical decisions.
  • Build a community organized by regions and led by council members.
  • Council members will work directly with CreakyJoints leadership to develop messaging and outreach materials, and to distribute information to their communities.

Who will be involved?

  • Approximately 12 people chosen for the regional council leadership positions.
  • Partnerships with rheumatology fellows and representatives from insurance companies.
  • Individuals who are willing to organize, recruit and build a network of patients with arthritis and related diseases in their region, and are eager to participate in group conversations and discussion topics led by CreakyJoints.