A year after the European League Against Rheumatism launched its “Don’t Delay, Connect Today” campaign, EULAR announced on June 14 at its annual event in Amsterdam that the campaign has reached more than 20 countries in Europe. And it’s slated to launch in more countries during the second half of 2018, EULAR said in a news release.

“The EULAR Campaign has entered the halls of parliament as well as other national legislative bodies in several countries. In February 2018, Belgium launched its national campaign at the federal parliament in Brussels, while in the month of April in the same year, politicians and members of parliament in Romania attended a dedicated, high-level event for the campaign launch in the country’s capital, Bucharest,” according to the announcement.

The campaign brings together three communities: arthritis patients, rheumatology health professionals, and researchers. The campaign, the EULAR release notes, brings the three together “to speak with one voice to society at large.”

“The specific needs, including political policy changes that will achieve the goals of the campaign are not the same in every country, but we are seeing collaboration of the pillars within these countries to push the campaign forward,” Johannes Bijlsma, EULAR’s president, stated.