Past #CreakyChats Topics

Our past #CreakyChats topics include:

  • What life would be like without chronic disease.
  • “If I knew then…” what I wish I knew about my chronic disease.
  • What’s in your chronic disease survival kit.
  • Looking and feeling your best with chronic disease
  • Make sure you don’t lose your sparkle: Taking care of yourself in the new year.
  • Having a seat at the table: What “patient-centered” means to us.
  • Advocacy: Be the squeaky/creaky wheel.
  • Share your #CreakyTruth: 24 hour twitter event.
  • What I wish the world knew about chronic disease: Tips for educating and advocating.
  • A discussion on mental health and chronic disease.
  • Empowerment through action.
  • The emotional impact of chronic pain.
  • Sharing chronic disease pro-tips.
  • Patient doctor communication: Breaking down barriers.
  • Topics rarely discussed in the chronic community: Sex, religion, money, politics.
  • Touchdown with CreakyJoints: Sports, movement and activity with a chronic disease.
  • New year, new reflections: Looking at the year ahead.
  • Managing the stress of the holidays.
  • Engaging marginalized communities: Access, research, outcomes.
  • Psoriasis isn’t contagious: Education should be.
  • More than a diagnosis: Exploring the “patient” inside the person.
  • Patient centered research: What you should know.
  • The arthritis journey: From living with disease to thriving together.
  • Family planning & rheumatic diseases.
  • Male arthritis patients: Overcoming stigma/achieving success.
  • Stump the rheum: A rapidfire Q&A with Dr. Jeff Curtis.
  • Creating support communities.
  • Know your labs: The importance of diagnostic testing.
  • Advocacy issue: Fail first hurts.
  • The status of patient advocacy.