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Creaky Joints and 50-State Network welcome the new FDA commissioner

Last week, fellow patients from more than two dozen U.S. states co-signed a letter with me to welcome the newly appointed (and confirmed!) Commissioner of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Seth attends 2 important medical conferences in Paris: Doctors 2.0 and EULAR

Seth networks and represents CreakyJoints—and braves European beds, too ☺

Seth rings in 2014 with the CreakyJoints community

Taking stock of what we have, who we are, and where we want to go

Seth takes part in world’s flagship stem cell event

We’re on the cusp of some amazing medical breakthroughs

Borderline addicted to sinus rinses

The irrigation that got Seth breathing easy

Where’s Noam? —Seth and the CreakyJoints gang storm the ACR 13 Castle

The crackerjack CreakyJoints team makes San Diego a meeting to remember

A pond-hopping weekend to get patients the best care with the greatest care

Seth proudly attends the Milken Institute London Summit, and a White House conference too

Let them eat croissant

Seth addresses a breakfast meeting full of industry professionals on access to healthcare.

Sleep dreams

Wearing a mask and sweating to sleep in the name of wedded bliss, Seth ruminates on a good night’s rest.

Extreme Makeover CreakyJoints Edition

An excited Seth is ready to unveil.

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