World Arthritis Day 2018

World Arthritis Day 2018: Imagine a World Without Arthritis

What’s It Really Like to Live Day to Day with Arthritis?

This World Arthritis Day, we want to explain to the rest of the world what it feels like to manage this disease — physical symptoms, emotional changes, lifestyle adjustments, and everything in between. It’s only when we help others truly understand the challenges of having arthritis that we can get the resources we need to thrive, whether from the medical and insurance community, the government, or our family and friends.

We invite you to answer these two thought-provoking questions — and tell us where in the world you live — so we can help paint a fuller picture of what the international arthritis community hopes and feels about their disease.

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CreakyJoints around the world

Our arthritis community started in 1999 as a blog in our cofounder’s college dorm room. We’ve since expanded to impact the lives of millions of arthritis patients and their families around the world. By sharing your location with us, you will be added to our map of vibrant, proactive, and hopeful arthritis patients worldwide. Check back with us to see how many people we reached.

Please check out our friends at EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism) “Don’t Delay, Connect Today” campaign: