Thriving While Aching

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A podcast that inspires and teaches you how to live a fuller life while safely managing pain.


Thriving While Aching is a podcast series hosted by Laurie Ferguson PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist and certified health coach, showcasing stories of older adults doing what they love to do while also living with aches and pains.

Through Dr. Ferguson’s personal conversations with older adults Laurie explores how they’ve embraced
aging (and aches) while still doing the things that bring them joy. Listen to their journeys.

Thank you to our nonprofit partner National Council on Aging for their insight, guidance, and support
of this project.

Thriving While Aching Episodes

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Episode 04

Paula’s Story: Thriving Through Running

When you’re in pain, it can be harder to find joy in life. In this episode, we meet Paula Golladay, a double amputee who is a competitive runner and part of a supportive community. Her superpower: She uses humor as a way to appreciate life: “I can walk on hot coals, you can’t,” says Paula, laughing. “I can walk on glass, you can’t. My socks never ever, ever smell. I can wear one pair of socks for an entire year.”

Episode 03

Joel’s Story: Thriving Through Nature

When your identity is tied to how much you live life, being forced to limit exciting activities as you age can cause you to readjust. In this episode, we meet Joel Bown, who put worthy miles on his joints through rock climbing and skiing, but who today has found other ways to re-engage, be active, and thrive.

“The key is to do what you like, as long as you can,” says Joel. “Do activities that other people are doing and befriend them. Find out if you’ve got more in common than just the fact that you’re sitting on the edge of the lake throwing food to the ducks.”

Episode 02

Beverly’s Story: Thriving Through Dance and Advocacy

For people living in pain, it could be difficult to find purpose and positivity in life. In this episode, we meet Beverly Rogers, a woman who grew up during the civil rights movement, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and who has used her experience to advocate for health care.

“When my mother got sick, when my child was diagnosed with diabetes, when my husband got Alzheimer’s, there were pieces that I could grab from my history, from my experience,” says Beverly. “I think those experiences have brought me to where I am so that now I truly believe that I am thriving.”

We also learn from Beverly how she’s taking a step back and learning to thrive through an unlikely source – Dancing.

Episode 01

Orvie’s Story: Thriving With Grandchildren

As we get older, our bodies become havens for pain. But there are steps we can all take to keep thriving. In this episode, we meet Orvie Prewitt who was met initially with painful challenges as she aged, but has been able to find ways to manage her pain, lead an active life, and along the way came up with tips for all of us to thrive.

“I don’t want to sit and watch life go by. I want to become part of life,” says Orvie.

As an arthritis program coordinator and grandmother, Orvie shares with listeners how she’s adapted her old routine so she can continue to make lasting memories with her daughter and granddaughter.


Thriving While Aching

Welcome to Thriving While Aching, a podcast that inspires and teaches you how to live a fuller life while safely managing pain. Our host, Dr. Laurie Ferguson, Director of Education at Global Healthy Living Foundation, leads conversation with a variety of people who all have one thing in common: they’re living proof of aging gracefully.


The Thriving While Aching podcast features host Laurie Ferguson PhD, a health psychologist and Director of Education and Development at GHLF, and includes insights from National Council on Aging Pharmacist, Kathleen Cameron.


Laurie Ferguson PhD

Laurie Ferguson PhD is the Director of Education Development. As a health psychologist, she offers expertise on patient-centered programming and educational needs that come with chronic health conditions. Her area of research focuses on developing resilient attitudes and behaviors, particularly in times of chronic pain and stress. Her national and international workshops focus on dealing with transitions and life challenges.


Kathleen Cameron, BBSPharm, MPH

Kathleen Cameron, BSPharm, MPH, has more than 25 years of experience in the health care field as a pharmacist, researcher, and program director focusing on falls prevention, geriatric pharmacotherapy, mental health, long-term services and supports, and caregiving. Cameron is the Senior Director of the National Falls Prevention Resource Center.


Thank you to our nonprofit partner, National Council on Aging for their insight, guidance, and support of this project. Since 1950, the National Council on Aging has provided the resources, tools, and advocacy our nation needs to ensure every person can age with health and financial security. Learn about them here.

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Thriving While Aching with Laurie Ferguson, PHD is a new podcast series designed by the non-profit Global Healthy Living Foundation, and made possible with support from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health and our nonprofit partner National Council on Aging. Through personal conversations with older adults living with the aches and pains, this podcast showcases how you can live a fuller life while safely managing pain.