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A podcast series about one of the oldest – and sorely misunderstood – health conditions

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You’ve likely heard of gout — and misconceptions about what causes it — but you might not realize how serious it can be.

The Gout Show is a podcast series that explores the basics of this often-misunderstood disease, debunks common myths, and shares useful tips for taking control of your health. You’ll learn from gout patients and renowned doctors what living with gout is all about — and how to do it better.



This season, we dive deeper into the world of gout, debunking common myths and discussing the systemic nature of gout as well as the importance of working with your doctor to find the right treatment. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with gout for years, this season offers expert insights and support for your journey.


Episode: Living with Gout: Myths, Realities, and Expert Insights

After living with gout for 16 years without proper treatment, Gary Ho finally connected with rheumatologist Dr. Chris Parker to find the care he was looking for. Now, Gary and Dr. Parker work alongside patients and specialists to better understand the complexities with diagnosing and treating gout.

In this episode, nephrologist Dr. Nissreen Elfadawy, Dr. Parker, and patient advocate Gary, explore the complexities of gout, highlighting the importance of treating it as a systemic disease. Join them as they debunk common gout myths, discuss key treatment considerations, and share ways to seek support.


Audio Guide: Navigating Gout: From Myth to Realities

In this audio guide, Dr. Nissreen Elfadawy and Dr. Chris Parker discuss gout, highlighting its reality as a systemic disease rather than a joint disease. They further discuss the roles of diet, lifestyle, and medicine for people with gout.

Learn from these experts as they discuss common gout myths and the best practices for managing and treating the causes and symptoms of gout.


Check out season one of The Gout Show hosted by Steve Clisby, who was recently diagnosed with gout. Through interviews with experts and fellow patients, Steve explores the basics of this often-misunderstood disease, debunks common myths, and shares useful tips for taking control of your health.


Episode 1: Surprising Symptoms

In our premiere episode, we hear from Ashley Newton, a gout patient who didn’t have telltale symptoms. In fact, being a runner and experiencing knee pain is what helped her get diagnosed.


Episode 2: It’s All In The Family

In episode 2, we hear from Ken Lipshez, who has lived with gout for his whole adult life. Over time, he’s seen how gout has affected many people in his family, which has changed his understanding about what causes it and how to manage it.


Episode 3: Getting Real About Pain

In episode 3, we hear from Oso Wallman, who gets candid about how painful and disruptive gout has been to his daily life.


Episode 4: The Truth About Diet

In episode 4, we hear from Ross Weil, who was diagnosed with gout after toe pain sidelined him during a bachelor party ski trip. Ross attempted to treat his gout with diet changes, until he realized it was a lot of work — and not really helping.


Episode 5: Don’t Give Up

In the last episode of our first season, we hear from Sharon Nandor, whose gout went misdiagnosed for years if not decades. Sharon talks about fighting for better care and how getting on the right treatment (finally) can help get your life back.

Want to learn more about managing gout? Our Patient Audio Guides provide the latest science-backed from leading gout experts so you can be more informed – and take better care of yourself or a loved one. Check them out below and wherever, be sure to subscribe for access to future episodes.


Audio Guide 1: Understanding Gout Symptoms and Getting Diagnosed

Learn more about common (and less common) symptoms of gout and how doctors…


Audio Guide 2: Understanding Gout Causes & Risk Factors

Learn more about what causes gout and what risk factors can make you more likely to…


Audio Guide 3: Understanding Gout Treatment Options

Learn more about how doctors treat gout with medication – both short-term painful…


Gout is more than just toe pain. Untreated or under-treated gout can lead to serious health issues over time. But if your gout was poorly controlled, would you know it? Take this short, 4-question quiz to learn if you could have uncontrolled gout, then share the results with your doctor.




Nissreen Elfadawy, MD, MS, FASN, FAST

Dr. Elfadawy is a nephrologist at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center and Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Elfadawy specializes in chronic kidney disease, gout, and transplant nephrology. An active fellow of the American Society of Nephrology, she has received numerous awards and published extensively in nephrology and transplant medicine.



Christopher Parker, DO

Dr. Parker, DO, Chief of Rheumatology at Austin Diagnostic Clinic, is known for his intense dedication. Valedictorian of his medical school, Dr. Parker was twice named “Teacher of the Year.” An accomplished athlete and researcher, he focuses on gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and uveitis, aiming to minimize suffering and improve quality of life for patients.



Gary Ho
Gout Patient Advocate

Gary Ho is the Co-Founder of the Gout Support Group of America and the Senior Community Director at TREND Community. Dedicated to advocating for gout patients and the rare disease community, Gary’s leadership and empathy have been vital in raising awareness and providing support. His expertise in health care advocacy empowers patients and drives impactful campaigns, significantly improving health care outcomes.




Theodore Fields, MD

Dr. Fields specializes in the treatment of gout, as well as other rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. He is a professor of clinical medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and an attending physician at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.



Payam Shakouri, MD

Dr. Shakouri treats people with kidney disease, many of whom also have gout. He practices at Advanced Kidney Care, which has multiple practices in upstate New York.



Steve Clisby

Steve Clisby has spent more than 60 years as a professional musician, with a love of rhythm & blues and jazz. He has lived in the U.S., Europe, and now calls Australia home. Recently diagnosed with gout, Steve is eager to learn more about how to manage it better.



Living with gout (or caring for someone who is coping with gout) isn’t easy. There’s a lot to learn about symptoms, treatments, and staying healthy. CreakyJoints, a non-profit patient community for people living with arthritis and rheumatic conditions, has plenty of resources, always free, to provide help and support.

Six Diseases That Can Mimic Gout (And Delay Your Diagnosis)

Getting diagnosed with gout isn’t always straightforward. These other diseases can present similarly to gout and cause a misdiagnosis.


7 Gout Symptoms You Might Be Ignoring

Some signs of gout, like pain in the big toe, may be obvious. But other gout symptoms can be more subtle.


How is Gout Diagnosed? Understanding The Symptoms and Diagnosis Process

Here’s what to expect at the doctor’s office when you suspect you might have gout.


The 4 Stages of Gout Progression (And How To Stop Gout From Getting Worse)

Here’s what to expect at each point in the disease, and how to keep gout from getting worse in the first place.


Low-Purine Diet for Gout: What to Eat, Sample Menu, and More

If you have gout, a painful type of arthritis, you may be trying to limit purines in your diet. Here’s what you need to know to get started.


8 Gout Complications You Need To Know About

Gout affects more than just your joints. Here are the facts about common gout comorbidities and how to prevent and manage them.



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The Gout Show is a new podcast series produced by the non-profit Global Healthy Living Foundation, its arthritis patient community CreakyJoints, and made possible with support from Amgen. The Gout Show dispels myths, puts this serious disease into context, and helps listeners understand and cope with this disease. If you or someone you love is living with gout — regardless of whether it’s a new diagnosis or a disease you’ve been dealing with for years — this is a podcast series for you.