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Living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can be challenging, and it often requires  a supportive community to help you on your journey to seeking proper care and feeling your best. You’re here because our partner, SetPoint Medical Inc. of the RESET-RA study, wanted to provide you with more information and tools to live well with RA.

This resource is a part of CreakyJoints, a 25-year-old patient advocacy and digital community for millions of arthritis patients and caregivers worldwide who seek education, support, advocacy, and patient-centered research. All of our programming and services are always provided free of charge. CreakyJoints never asks patients for donations.

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Welcome to a community that’s here to support you on your journey with rheumatoid arthritis. We hope you find our free resources valuable additions to your RA treatment plan. We can help you manage symptoms, advocate for better care, and incorporate wellness tips into your daily routine.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Support, Education, Research, and Advocacy

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Understanding Neuromodulation and Vagus Nerve Stimulation
A bioelectronic therapy that may treat RA that has not responded to medication.

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Why Participate In a Clinical Trial?
Viewpoints and experiences from someone who participated in a medical study.

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Podcast: Remission Possible
A podcast with a mission to help patients better control symptoms.

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Precision and Personalized Medicine 
A guide to help you feel less alone in your RA treatment journey.

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Advocacy: The 50-State Network
Raise your voice by advocating to improve health care.

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Free App: PatientSpot
Track your symptoms and help advance research.

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Must-Read Rheumatoid Arthritis Resources

There are a several key things everyone living with rheumatoid arthritis should know. Make sure to check out some of our most popular and important RA resources below.

Insights on Precision Medicine from Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

New survey results reveal rheumatoid arthritis patients’ experience with and attitude toward precision medicine.

Precision Medicine: What to Expect and How to Advocate for Yourself

There may be a more efficient way to get the best rheumatoid arthritis treatment for you.

7 Common Myths About Precision Medicine

Plus, the facts you need to know to get the best rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

How Precision Medicine Helped My Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Journey

Here’s how one patient took advantage of precision medicine to better understand the likelihood of responding to certain therapies.

A Sick Girl’s Guide to Navigating Dating With a Chronic Illness

“Dating can be challenging, and adding a chronic illness can make it feel overwhelming, but it’s not impossible.”

Exploring the Connection between Arthritis and Dynamic Disabilities

“Arthritis is a prime example of a dynamic disability…I have good days, bad days, and days that fall somewhere in between.”

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