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Medical Experts and Members Driving #HighRiskCOVID19 Available for Interview

Salem Media Commits 150+ Radio Stations For Public Service Announcements

UPPER NYACK, NY (March 23, 2020) – Recognizing the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) national emergency, the Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF) and CreakyJoints®, its digital patient community, today expanded its free support program to serve the entire chronic disease patient community, people who are immunocompromised, and their family and friends. Already, the patient-centered information and education provided by the organization has reached more than 1 million engagements and 20 million Twitter exposures via its English and Spanish language sites.

“We aim to reach people with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, and virtually any other medical condition that puts people at higher risk for COVID19,” Seth D. Ginsberg, president and co-founder of the Global Healthy Living Foundation and CreakyJoints, said. “Working with patients, other non-profits, the government, and healthcare providers, we will build from our position in the autoimmune community to serve all people at high risk for COVID19.”

In addition to continuously updated original content, the all-digital platform will provide educational and support resources vetted by patients, caregivers, peer non-profits, health care providers, and public health experts. Advice will reflect the most current health and safety recommendations announced by public health institutions, such as from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and/or government directives. GHLF and CreakyJoints also posted state-by-state resources to help people across the country access local information.

Reaching #HighRiskCOVID19 Patient Communities

“The trending hashtag #HighRiskCOVID19, created by several of our patient advocates with our support, emphasizes that people living with serious and chronic conditions are at heightened risk for contracting and being susceptible to complications from COVID-19. We welcome all groups to take advantage of this platform,” Ginsberg added, noting that health, civic and community religious groups should email to learn how to link to GHLF resources.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape our daily lives in the United States and around the world, we’re determined to provide credible, empathetic, and actionable information to patient and caregiver communities in the U.S., Latin America, and Australia, in English and Spanish,” Ginsberg said.

To support this outreach in the U.S., Salem Media will air public service announcements beginning on March 30, 2020, on at least 150 radio stations nationwide, alerting at-risk patients and caregivers to the GHLF patient support services.

Engage with Global Healthy Living Foundation:

Available for Interview:

  • Seth D. Ginsberg, president and co-founder, Global Healthy Living Foundation and CreakyJoints
  • Rheumatologist Doug Roberts, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California Davis Medical School and Medical Advisor to CreakyJoints (and other medical experts)
  • Members of Global Healthy Living Foundation and CreakyJoints, including those who contribute to our COVID-19 patient support program and started #HighRiskCOVID19

About Global Healthy Living Foundation

The Global Healthy Living Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people living with chronic illnesses (such as arthritis, osteoporosis, migraine,  psoriasis, and cardiovascular disease) by advocating for improved access to health care at the community, state, and federal levels, and amplifying education and awareness efforts within its social media framework. GHLF is also a staunch advocate for vaccines. The Global Healthy Living Foundation is the parent organization of CreakyJoints®, the digital arthritis community for millions of arthritis patients and caregivers worldwide who seek education, support, activism, and patient-centered research through ArthritisPower® (, the first-ever patient-centered research registry for joint, bone, and inflammatory skin conditions. It also hosts PainSpot (, a digital risk assessment tool for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Visit for more information.

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