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The Global Healthy Healthy Living and CreakyJoints patient communities have been worried for months now about the global spread of the coronavirus and its impact on those who are chronically ill and immunocompromised. But when it comes to prevention measures like handwashing and social distancing, we’re seeing wildly different reactions play out on social media. Flippant memes suggest things along the lines of “why is handwashing a new thing?”; people are shouting that school closures and other cancellations are fear-mongering and overblown. These people must not know people who have suppressed immune systems —people like Dawn, Charis, Jennifer, Lisa Marie, Dibs, or Eileen. For folks like these, even a bad cold can develop complications and lead to pneumonia.

But coronavirus is making everyone’s emotions run high and some properly tuned levity is always appreciated. That’s why we love this video clip from CreakyJoints member Nicole Dalton, who has been living with systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis for nearly 30 years.

Nicole is very immunocompromised — in fact, she just endured two debilitating bouts with flu earlier this year and is still not fully recovered. She is among the millions in the CreakyJoints community taking coronavirus prevention SERIOUSLY in all caps.

This video pokes fun at how healthy people can afford to think about personal hygiene in the wake of coronavirus outbreaks compared to those with underlying health issues.

Note: We know “crazy” is a loaded word and we’re not using it lightly. Many patients in our community are being criticized for taking severe steps to limit their exposure to the coronavirus and have, indeed, been made to feel “crazy” for doing so.

Watch, share, and tell us how you feel about how your approach to coronavirus prevention is being received by your friends, family, and community.

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