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CreakyChats Fall Vaccines

People with chronic illnesses face many tough challenges. When it’s time to decide whether to get vaccinated, it might seem pretty straight forward. But sometimes, what other people think can make it harder for you to make the best choice for your health. These opinions might make you unsure about vaccination, even if it could help protect you.

In a recent #CreakyChats discussion, we talked about how to handle worries when deciding to get vaccinated and how people dealt with them. We asked if anyone had any side effects, and if so, how they cope with them. We also wanted to know if these unexpected effects made them hesitate about getting more vaccines in the future. Additionally, we were curious about why they decided to get vaccinated and what they wanted others to understand about the importance of vaccinations.

The discussion brought valuable insights into the importance of personal health journeys and beliefs when it comes to vaccination decisions. It highlights the significance of advocating for oneself in making these choices. We hope that these shared experiences boost your confidence in deciding what’s best for your overall well-being.

Addressing Challenges or Concerns on Getting Vaccinated

“Living in #Idaho, I got vaccinated half for my health, half for spite toward those who are against vaccinations all of a sudden. My concern started afterward with the tremendous pain hangover I experienced.” — @abrewi3010

“My RA appeared after COVID one year ago (I was 3x vaccinated), so I am nervous to mess with my immune system with anything COVID related. I haven’t found enough data with people in my situation, so I don’t think I am getting the booster this year (I will try to avoid catching it).” — @conspi19

“No problem. Walgreens. Rolled up my t-shirt sleeves. Left was flu, right was COVID. That was 8 hours ago. Feel great.” — @LouisTharp

Side Effects and Decision for Future Vacations

“Tired about 24 hours later…had flu and updated COVID at same time. That’s it. My husband, who is not immunocompromised, had the same reaction. He had his shots earlier in the day so slept the next day for a good three-hour nap. No other side effects for any of the vaccinations/boosters.” — @Save_The_Books

“2023: 1) pneumonia vax-felt BETTER after I got it, 2) flu shot-felt crummy after I got it, 3) COVID — I have had 4 Modernas; none this year. I had severe reactions, including possible Bell’s palsy so one MD suggested I not take more in case palsy becomes permanent, 4) RSV — not taken yet.” — @anonrc

“I had a symptom flare the next day. Fibro dialed up to 11 all over my body, not just the usual spots. I felt feverish without having a fever. Migraine. The day after that was more muscle aches than fibro, and the feverish feeling was gone. Vax isn’t optional.” — @KaristinaLafae

Motivation to Vaccinate

“A key motivator to get vaccinated is a health care provider’s recommendation.” —@MotherToBaby

“Avoid being hospitalized and boosting immunity against COVID. I wish people were aware how masks really work.” — @denSamm2

“To keep not only myself and my loved ones safer and reduce hospitalization, but also to help protect everyone who is immunocompromised.” — @migrainesallday

Engagement with Friends or Family Hesitant About Vaccines

“You should always have a discussion, address their concerns with facts, and most importantly, make sure they understand the consequences.” — @PopovianPharmD

“First, I listen to their opinions/concerns. We are all entitled to them. Then I share resources to show them here is information supporting the positive benefits of being vaccinated.” — @authorjpsummers

Advice for Others with Vaccine Concerns or Questions

“It is smart and good to ask questions, especially when you have an illness like rheumatoid arthritis. Ask and ask again. Don’t settle for an answer until your brain and gut feel content. Don’t, don’t rely on a political party or political pundits for answers.” — @abrewi3010

“Speak with a physician or a pharmacist, understand the consequences of not getting a vaccine, and make sure you use objective resources about vaccine.” — @PopovianPharmD

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