Let’s Get Personal

Hear from real RA patients and a rheumatologist who treats patients with RA about their RA treatment journeys.

We put together this podcast to help you feel less alone in your RA treatment journey. You’ll hear from rheumatologists and people living with rheumatoid arthritis about the physical and mental toll of starting and switching therapies and how to make your rheumatologist a trustworthy partner in this often grueling process. We’ll also discuss some promising advances underway that can offer hope for landing on the right RA treatment sooner.

This is not medical advice and should not take the place of your professional medical care.

Let’s Get Personal Episodes

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Episode 4: Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright talks to us about the relationship between a rheumatologist and a patient, and how good communication is key to finding the right RA treatment.

Episode 3: Shilpa’s Story

Shilpa discusses the many emotions of living with and treating RA — and how having a supportive community and solid relationship with your doctor can help you better cope.

Episode 2: Alexis’ Story

Alexis talks about the importance of coming to terms with your diagnosis, doing your own research, and being persistent
in your RA treatment and care.

Episode 1: Eileen’s Story

Eileen shares how learning to be specific about her physical and mental health needs has helped navigate the RA treatment journey.

Let’s Get Personal Audio Guides

Audio Guide: Understanding Trial and Error in RA

Medication changes are par for the course when managing a chronic condition like rheumatoid arthritis. Here’s why — and how to better cope with the emotional journey of RA treatment.

Audio Guide: Understanding Precision & Personalized Medicine for RA

Understanding the difference between precision and personalized medicine is important for the present and future care of rheumatoid arthritis — learn why.

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