• Leslie Rott
    Leslie Rott

How people faking disability to get ‘perks’ hurts those with invisible illness

Weird looks, notes on windshields, and belittling comments: CJ Blogger Leslie Rott on how people faking disability are making life worse for those with invisible illness

Mixed Emotions: When the highs and the lows of life happen at the same time

CreakyJoints Blogger Leslie Rott writes about her mixed emotions at having some very good things and some pretty awful things happen—at the exact same time

A scary RA story that has stuck with CreakyJoints Blogger Leslie Rott for years

CJ Blogger Leslie Rott recalls a story she was told about someone dying from RA by a well-meaning but ignorant woman who worked with the disabled

Summer Giveaways for those with arthritis and chronic illness

RA & lupus patient Leslie Rott hosts ‘Summer Giveaways’ featuring arthritis & chronic illness related products: cool masks, light filters & adult coloring books

Job hunting for the chronically ill is soul sucking—let’s help a young woman with RA & lupus find work!

When CJ Blogger Leslie Rott submitted a job hunt post, we asked her to include a resume so our community could help get this health advocate hired. It is harder for those with chronic illness to find work. Together, we can network!

Something Great: A young woman with RA & lupus earns a Master’s in Health Advocacy

CJ Blogger Leslie Rott was no stranger to academia when she started her Master’s at Sarah Lawrence—she already had a PhD—but realizing health advocacy would be her life’s work, she persevered in spite of chronic illness

When chronic illness is not the worst thing

Dealing with the grief over losing her father in a flood last summer, CJ Blogger Leslie Rott realizes she no longer feels that lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are the worst things that ever happened to her

Why do some people in the online RA community badmouth others?

After coming across a disparaging comment about herself on an RA Facebook group, CreakyJoints Blogger Leslie Rott worries about fissures in the community, wondering why can’t we all just all get along

Chronically ill, and struggling to find a new job and a place in life

When her beloved part-time position as a patient advocate doesn’t end in full-time work, Leslie Rott learns how a major life event, like having to find a new job, is especially hard if you are chronically ill

Pain in the neck (and back): From RA or stooping over a computer?

Leslie Rott writes about her neck and back problems and wonders if others with RA have similar pain issues and can offer advice

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