• Kantor and Kantor insurance Matters
    Kantor and Kantor insurance Matters

Claim Denied!

How to deal with surprising insurance denials

Know the Signs! Is your long term disability insurer trying to terminate your benefits?

Do not be intimidated, and do not give up!

Know about your insurance coverage…before you need it

K & K on why you must understand the terms of your policy

Difficult long term disability insurance claims

K & K on delays, denials, and confusion

Does my long term disability insurer care about me?

The heartbreaking – but truthful – answer: probably not

When the independent medical review is hardly independent

K & K on how to take charge of your long term disability claim

Study says RA patients experiencing better quality of life

But not everyone: rural folk missing out on medical advances

Q & A with Kantor & Kantor

Long term disability benefits and rheumatoid arthritis: Part I

Know your limits!

Don’t let time run out on your long term disability claim

Long term disability insurance: No one thinks they’re ever going to need it—until they do

K & K on why it’s a good idea to have one of the most overlooked types of insurance

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