CreakyJoints advocates on your behalf, working to increase awareness about arthritis and important access-to-care legislation affecting us, in all 50 states and around the world. It’s amazing when one realizes it all started from the trunk of its co-founder Seth Ginsberg’s mother’s car.
Seth’s 50-State Network, our patient advocacy group, as well as the HealthyBiologics and FailFirstHurts programs date back to Mrs. Ginsberg driving her 15-year-old to local municipal meetings. There, a teenage Seth would bring up healthcare issues during the open public hearing and respectfully submit a resolution for their approval. It worked—they did.
The difference between then and now? We're smarter, we're better organized—and Seth is all grown up and married with a driver’s license. For Seth, the sky is now the limit. 
Please consider joining our 50-State Network to make your voice heard. At the very least, you’ll stay updated on what’s happening with healthcare legislation in your state. Who knows? You might even awaken your inner advocate and end up speaking to the media about healthcare policy or testifying before a state legislative committee.
Remember, you don’t have to accept things the way they are. Learn about your rights, and join us in the fight to increase the access-to-care that we deserve.