2019 Digital Seasons Greetings

You’ve Got CreakyMail: Send a Loved One a Free Digital Postcard This Holiday Season

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This holiday season CreakyJoints is providing you a special and free opportunity to send a message to a fellow person living with a chronic disease or to a caregiver, friend, family member, health care provider, or other special person in your life who has helped you throughout the year.

And we are not asking you to put a dollar in a jar, walk in a race, or to pay to participate. This service is 100 percent free to you and self-funded by CreakyJoints.

Due to high demand, we are no longer mailing physical postcards but we can send digital versions via the form below.

Why Provide This Free Service?

The truth is because our team sat around a large table in a recent meeting and thought of ways we can uplift the chronic illness community that inspires us all year long.

We know that the demands of the holiday season are particularly hard for people with chronic disease. The pressure to be cheerful, cramped indoor spaces filled with germs, and fatigue from holiday shopping and celebrations all take a toll on already stressed bodies and minds. That said, we believe that it is important to celebrate each other and those who help us.

We hope this program will be an easy way for you to let others in your life know that you are thinking of them and grateful for them during this reflective time of year.


The Details:

You’ve Got CreakyMail is a patient-centered and patient-produced postcard program aimed to reduce the loneliness that many people with chronic disease feel and to celebrate those who are bright lights in their lives. This program highlights artwork from two people living with multiple chronic diseases. You can learn about their work below.

Fill out the form. Click send. Spread Cheer.

Fill out the form below and we will email a digital version of the holiday card of your choice to your recipient.

Please know that we take your privacy seriously and will never sell or give your information to any third parties. Read our CreakyJoints Privacy Policy here.

Learn about the artwork:


Sal Marx

Sal Marx, a multi-media artist with ankylosing spondylitis, works at the intersection of art and chronic disease to advocate for patients. She is based in Brooklyn, New York. You can find her work at salmarx.myportfolio.com.

Cartoon of a festive skeleton with swollen joints holding a candy cane as a walking cane
Cartoon of two festive skeletons with swollen joints and a snowman with a spine
  • “CandyCane”: Asking for support, whether in caregiving, community, or assistive devices, is often stigmatized when it should be seen as empowering. This candy cane represents not only a support, but a celebration of all we can do with our communities at our side, says Marx.
  • “Snowman in the Waiting Room”: Patients living with chronic, incurable diseases rarely fit into healthy-sick binaries. With illnesses often invisible and oscillating in symptoms and magnitude, patients find themselves in limbo, betwixt and between sick and healthy. By creating a third box, an “other,” I aim to make this complex identity visible, says Marx.


Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker is a patient who creates art to express her chronic illness life and mental health struggles. You can follow her on Instagram/Facebook as @UnexpectedAdvocate and on Twitter as @UnxpctdAdvocate. Her artwork is for sale on Etsy under the shop name of 522artNdesign.

Humming bird artwork
Patient art
  • “Hummingbird”: As a person with multiple chronic illnesses, I identify with hummingbirds because they are solitary creatures, migrate to be away from winter, and by all accounts should not be able to fly. I created this piece to provide sustenance to other hummingbirds out there just like me — so they can continue to defy the odds and fly backward, forward, up, down, sideways, and even hover, says Walker.
  • “Umbrella”: Becoming sick is like being caught in an unexpected downpour. Caregivers are a source of comfort, support, solace, and help — like someone walking over with a much-needed umbrella. I created this piece to say thank you to all those who help us stay dry. We never expected to be sick, but we see you and we appreciate you, says Walker.