Your Voice Is Needed!-Patient Governor opportunity

Patient Governor Group (PGG)

The CreakyJoints arthritis patient community seeks a few committed people to become Patient Governors for a Patient-Powered Research Network.  Patient Governors are needed to make sure that researchers include patients’ opinions when designing research projects.  This position is perfect for someone who wants to help other patients with arthritis by providing input into research decisions from a patient’s point of view.  Patient Governors will do the following:               
·        Participate in an hour-long telephone call each month
                                       ·        Give their opinions about questionnaires and flyers that researchers develop for specific studies
                                       ·        Travel to New York for a meeting once a year (all expenses are paid)     
We realize that these activities take time.  Each Patient Governor will receive a $600 annual honorarium in gratitude for their effor and expertise.              

Below is a position description with more information.  There are a limited number of positions.  If you are interested, please complete the attached application form and email it with a simple resume or CV to [email protected] by May 15 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

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