Your Team

Your Team

We have a passionate team, dedicated to improving the lives of people with arthritis:

Seth D. Ginsberg, BSc

President, GHLF

Louis Tharp

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Shilpa Venkatachalam,PhD
Director, Patient-Centered Research Operations and Ethical Oversight and President of GHLF North Africa

Joseph M. Coe, MPA
Director, Education and Digital Strategy
President, GHLF Canada

David Curtis
Director, Technology and Data Services

Laurie Ferguson, PhD

Director, Education Development

Steven Newmark
Chief Legal Officer, Director of Policy

Kelly Gavigan, MPH
Director, Data Management and Analytics

Daniel Hernandez, MD
Director of Medical Affairs and Hispanic Outreach

Robert Popovian, PharmD, MS
Chief Science Policy Officer

Anne M. Sydor, PhD
Director of Research Development and Communications

Jim Bumgardner, MFA
Treasurer, Secretary and Director, Arts Outreach

Zoe Rothblatt, MPH
Associate Director, Community Outreach

Corey Greenblatt, MPH
Senior Manager, Policy and Advocacy

Susan Jara
Associate Director, Patient Education

James Dybisz
Senior Manager, Web Development

Angel Tapia
Patient Advocate, Hispanic Community Outreach Manager

Sarah R. Shaw
BIPOC Patient Advocate, Community Outreach Manager

Laura Stradford, MPH
Senior Project Manager

Danielle Ali
Senior Systems Analyst

Ryan Johnson
Manager, Finance and Administration

Amy Finkelstein
Operations Administrator

Esteban Rivera, MS
Data Scientist

Eric Stone, MA
Manager, Instructional Design

Barbara Boyd-Floering

Patient Care Manager

Whelton Virshup CreakyJoints Arthritis Clinic

Ben Blanc, MS
Manager, Programs and Special Projects

Adam Kegley, MA, MS
Manager, Global Partnerships

Angela Degrassi
Research Manager for Patient-Centered Research

Veronica Rodriguez
Manager, Digital Marketing

Conner Mertens
Patient Advocate, Community Outreach Manager

JP Summers
Patient Advocate, Community Outreach Manager