STILL’S Disease: Dr. Ed Parrish Interview (Full)

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  1. I was diagnosed with Adult Onset Of Stills Disease in August of 2006. I have now been battling an infection in my sphenoid sinus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa since September 2015. My ENT doctor has said more than once that I must have a weakened immune system, but I’m not on any medicine to control my AOSD. Could this be true? I’m running out of antibiotics to use because every antibiotic that’s sensitive to the bacteria, builds a resistance to the bacteria after I start on the antibiotic. I really need help, I need answers, I don’t want to die from this bacteria. If my Stills Disease could be causing my body not to have the strength to kill this bug then maybe I need to seek help to control my Stills Disease. Please any ideas or thoughts are appreciated. I’m running out of options.

    Melanie Elmoe

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