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The FDA’s label changes affect Opioids such as oxycodone, and morphine. Bob Twillman, the Director of Policy and Advocacy for the American Academy of Pain Management says some clarification was needed:

Twillman: “In essence, what they are saying is, you should use these medications for people who need around the clock medicine to treat pain that is bad enough that it impairs their functioning”

But with that clarification, Twillman says there is a restriction that has him worried:

Twillman:  “They went on to add in statement on the new label that says something to the effect of ‘it’s to be used if other methods are ineffective in treating that pain”

Twillman says prescribers who notice this change, might to set up a series of step therapy protocols around Opioids, forcing patients to try a number of options for chronic pain relief before getting the one that works.

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