_MG_7608Arthritis ruins lives. But I don’t need to tell you this.  As a member of this CreakyJoints community, there’s a strong chance you are directly impacted by the disease.

Having been an orthopedic surgeon for almost 30 years, I’ve seen thousands of patients with osteoarthritis and I’ve seen many thousands more whose injuries could cause osteoarthritis down the line, if not addressed and fixed properly.

I’ve dedicated much of my career to figuring out how to prevent and fix osteoarthritis.  As well as being an orthopedic surgeon, I am also the chairman of the Stone Foundation for Sports Medicine and Arthritis Research, an independent, public non-profit institute based in San Francisco, conducting scientific research into new techniques for the treatment and prevention of arthritis and sports injuries. We do outcome studies to measure the long-term effectiveness of the biologic surgical techniques developed and utilized at The Stone Clinic.

We are part of a paradigm shift in the treatment of osteoarthritis. The old way of treating osteoarthritis was to rest, lose weight, take painkillers and wait for it to get so bad you needed a joint replacement. This has changed. With modern medicine, we can rebuild, regenerate and repair.  In my orthopedic practice, I have a bias towards biologics, which means that I prefer to rebuild a joint naturally rather than replace it with metal and plastic.  I work with donor tissue and stem cells, growth factors and joint lubrication to avoid or delay a total joint replacement. We carry out procedures to save or replace the meniscus, the shock absorber in the knee and we’ve developed a new technique to halt and reverse the disease by patching up the holes in the articular cartilage at the ends of your joints, with a paste, a mixture of your own cartilage, bone and stem cells.

In my upcoming blogs, I’ll be explaining these approaches and I’ll also keep you informed about other advanced treatments, promising procedures and tips on how best to deal with osteoarthritis. ThDr. Kevin Stonee aim of this blog is to arm you with information that will help you ask the right questions of your own orthopedist, to allow you to understand your disease a little better and encourage you to learn about different approaches to fixing your problem.

I look forward to being here and thank you for your interest.

Kevin R. Stone, M.D.

Kevin R. Stone, M.D., is an Orthopedic Surgeon at The Stone Clinic and Chairman of the Stone Research Foundation in San Francisco. He pioneers advanced orthopedic surgical and rehabilitation techniques to repair, regenerate and replace damaged cartilage and ligaments.