Archipelago of islands

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years ago, two weeks before I was to move from a bustling city (with easy access to premier rheumatologists) to a spanking new home we’d just built on a ranch in northern Ontario. We moved on June 7th, and five days later, I was back in the city for a hip replacement and an urgent hospital drop-in from my “just new” rheumatologist, who came to inject me with a major shot of prednisone to help reduce the mammoth swelling in several joints of my body, a situation that was causing “can’t-see-in-front-of-me” pain. Besides all the rigors inherent in these experiences, my mind was twisted in a pretzel knot trying to figure out how I was going to actualize what was a very (very!) important event on my calendar—a long anticipated trip to the Haida Gwaii Islands, an archipelago of 150 islands off the northern coast of British Columbia, Canada. Steeped in the arts, culture, and mysticism of the indigenous Haida people, the Haida Gwaii experience was a trip I was seriously and determinedly  unwilling to miss. As a journalist, photographer and lover of all things travel and travel related—from the get-go “where are we going this time” conversations, to the booking of tickets, researching niche and out-of-the-way accommodations (ocean-front-, mountain-front-, just not staid ‘all-inclusives’), practicing the language, looking for adventure-and-thrills-and-heart-pumping escapades—all individual slices that make up the big pie that is travel.

sand dunes and oceanDo I like traveling? YES! Do I LOVE travelling? YES! Are there really question marks needed on any of these questions? NO!

So, you can well imagine what the trials and threats of this chronic and unwelcome condition posed for someone like me—someone who up to this point lent the Energizer Bunny battery life!

It has taken some time, it has taken some courage, it has taken some determination, and it has taken some planning and resourcefulness, BUT the thing RA has NOT taken from me is my love of traveling and my ability to do so.

My blog, “Flying High With A Broken Wing” will give you a “first class” cabin seat on my travels both away and close to home, as I fly, literally and figuratively, through the clouds (and sunny skies!) of life.

Join me next post as I travel to Haida Gwaii on a series of planes, planes with pontoons, vintage jeeps and sacred hiking trails!

Cece Scott