Thank You Steve Jobs

Christine on how the computer changed her life for the better. Yesterday I wrote out a post for my Facebook page. I started out just saying I was going to replace my old and tired laptop and as I wrote on my keyboard, looking at all the things on my desktop I realized just how much the computer had changed my life. Years ago I went into learning the computer kicking and screaming. I was a writer, I loved my pink Smith-Corona typewriter. Yes, change is hard to make. My first lesson on a computer was with a guy who was so arrogant I felt like he was snickering behind my back as I asked him “How do I turn this thing on?” I knew right away he was the wrong teacher for me so I searched some more until I found a gentle man who didn’t think any question was a stupid one, and boy did I ask some stupid questions. Slowly between some college computer classes and a little help from my personal teacher I got it. The computer is a very smart typewriter. And the rest has been very happy history. So as I wrote this post for Facebook it went from a few lines to more, just as the computer took over my life and kept replacing other things that I thought I couldn’t live without. Now I know I simply can’t live without my computer. Here’s my Facebook post: Buying a new computer today. Saying goodbye to the old one. I wrote three books on this wonderful Mac laptop, started three Facebook pages, learned how to make a Keynote presentation, edited hundreds of photos for publication and joined Twitter. Shared a lot of stories and met a lot of interesting people. Traded my treasured Filo Read More