Lene on reclaiming her writing voice, literally

When her RA hands could no longer type, Lene switched to writing with her voice.   As some of you may have noticed, I'm on a much-needed sabbatical from my main day job and all this freedom has given me the mental space to think. As is my wont, thinking usually leads to writing and in this particular instance that, too, made me think. When I was in university, I used to write my essays longhand and then do the final copy on a typewriter (yes, it was that long ago). In the late 1980s, I had a summer job that I didn't like much, but I used all the money I made buy myself a computer. And then I discovered that composing while you write longhand and composing while you type are two entirely different things. For a while, I wrote my essays longhand and used my computer as a glorified typewriter. Eventually, I did figure it out. In fact, I took to it like a fish to water and writing got even better than when I used a pen. It seemed as if I managed to connect the deep recesses of my mind to my computer via the conduit of my fingers. Finally, my hands could keep up with my thoughts. As. There were times where it seemed as if it was almost automatic writing, as if I zoned out once I was at the keyboard. Somehow, an essay or a short story flowed out of me and I wasn't quite sure how. I didn't question it too much, just rode this wonderful phenomenon for years. And then my RA and a repetitive stress injury in my shoulder took it away. Gradually, my pain increased and equally gradually, my ability to write decreased. It was devastating, like being Read More