Christine on living centered

I don’t know about you but I work everyday to be centered. Yes, every single day. If you read my latest book, Take Me Home From The Oscar,  you know my family calls me “sparkle plenty.” It’s supposed to be a compliment but actually it’s more of a witticism because I work so hard to be positive. It’s the goal I set everyday, not necessarily to “sparkle” but to be optimistic. I’m not sure if I believe there are those who are born positive and those who aren’t. I think it’s more of a life choice. I have been accused of only looking on the “good” side of things, the “happy” side of life. And in reality it’s only partially true. My son calls me a “cheerleader” and sometimes even says, “Mom, please don’t cheerlead me.” I understand where he’s coming from. I cheerlead to try to keep him centered and yet I know that nobody can keep someone else centered. We have to do it for ourselves. My question is why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to keep positive? Why look on the dark side? Why say the glass is half empty when it’s also half full? Those are all choices we deal with and yet not everyone choses to be centered. So I ask myself why? Why wouldn’t you want to be happier rather than sad? And I can predict many of the answers. “Life is hard, I can’t find happiness.” “I have a chronic illness, how can I be happy?” “Nothing goes my way.” “Sure, you’ve had all the breaks. I have only run into walls.” “What do I have to be happy about?” And to me there lies the problem.. It’s how you deal with adversity. It’s how you deal with the day to day Read More