Living With Arthritis

Rheumatic Disease & Pregnancy
The good news is that you can have a very healthy, normal pregnancy with a rheumatic disease. Every day, moms and dads with rheumatic diseases like RA, PsA, AS and lupus start their own families.

Being a New Mother with Arthritis
Taking care of a newborn can be exhausting and physically taxing for anyone. New parents with a rheumatic disease may have even more challenges with the lack of sleep, feedings every two hours or so, lifting an infant for dressing or diaper changes, bathing the infant, and other everyday parenting tasks.

How to Explain Arthritis to Family and Friends
People around you may not realize you hurt, or that your joints are stiff or hard to move. Talk to your friends and family about your arthritis so they understand what’s going on with you. Let them know some ways that they can help you cope better with the challenges of your disease, particularly if they want to be there for you.

Chronic Illness and Depression
Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can make you feel confused, distressed, or hopeless. You have to deal with physical pain that leads to emotional pain, because you’re unable to go about your daily life or normal activities.

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