Have you received a letter from your insurance company?

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  • Tell us.

    If you have received a letter from your health insurance company asking you to switch to another drug, doctor or device – or actually telling you to switch – let us and your doctor know.

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    We can accept pdf, Microsoft Word, jpg, and png files. 10 mb limit.

    Do I need to be logged in to upload a letter?

    Yes. If you are not a member already, click here, but just fill out the first few questions – basic information – so we can get on with your upload. You can come back to your profile and fill out the rest of the membership information. There is no cost to join and your information is kept totally confidential.

    Why should I send you my letter?

    Because we track health insurance company policies and negotiate with them to improve access to care. We take your personal information out and use your letter in discussions with state legislatures, state insurance commissioners, Medicaid, Medicare, Congress and the White House.

    Why else?

    Because you may not have to do what the letter says. You may be assuming you have to switch your drug, for example, when you don’t.

    They want me to switch drugs. Do I have to?

    Not necessarily. We need to see what they’re asking you to do in order to answer this question fully.

    Is my letter confidential?

    Yes. We black out all identifying information before we use it. We mean everything. City, state, zip, name, address, account or policy numbers, doctor’s name, employers. Anything that could in any way be traced to you or even the city you live in, is blacked out. Please feel free to black out this information before uploading.

    Why are you doing this?

    We represent groups of patients with chronic disease to increase access to care.

    Does this cost me any money?

    No. We will never ask you for money.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png, doc, docx.
    Please click 'Choose File' to upload your health insurance letter. JPG, PNG, and PDF are the only supported formats. Please do not exceed the 10MB upload limit.

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