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Our next chat is scheduled for Monday, October 3, at 6:00 PM ET, and the topic will be: What we wish the world knew about chronic disease. 

Past #CreakyChats topics include:

  • Patient Doctor Communication: Breaking Down Barriers
  • Topics Rarely Broached in the Chronic Community: Sex, Religion, Money, Politics
  • Touchdown with CreakyJoints: Sports, Movement and Activity with a Chronic Disease
  • New Year, New Reflections Looking at the Year Ahead
  • Managing the Stress of the Holidays
  • Engaging Marginalized Communities: Access, Research, Outcomes.
  • Psoriasis Isn’t Contagious: Education Should Be. Special Guest National Psoriasis Foundation
  • More Than a Diagnosis: Exploring the “Patient” Inside the Person
  • Patient Centered Research: What You Should Know
  • The Arthritis Journey: From Living With to Thriving Together
  • Family Planning & Rheumatic Diseases
  • Male Arthritis Patients: Overcoming Stigma/Achieving Success
  • Stump the Rheum: A Rapidfire Q&A with Dr. Jeff Curtis
  • Creating Support Communities
  • Know Your Labs: The Importance of Diagnostic Testing
  • Fail First Hurts

Past Partners include:

  • Dr. Victor Montori, Patient Revolution, Mayo Clinic
  • Dina Neils, The Titanium Triathlete
  • Dr. Sherry Pagoto
  • Health Central
  • BlackDoctor.org
  • National Psoriasis Foundation
  • HurtBlogger
  • HealthCentral
  • Men’s Health Network
  • Rheumatology Nurses Society
  • Spondylitis Association of America
  • Arthritis National Research Foundation

To read transcripts of chats visit: www.storify.com/creakyjoints. Below is a transcript of our latest #CreakyChats, Engaging Marginalized Communities: Access, Research, Outcomes.