On Twitter? Join us for #CreakyChats

Our next #CreakyChats will take place on Monday, April 2nd. This chat will be one of our 24 hour discussions, so please feel free to participate throughout the day.

Our topic was inspired by a blog post on CreakyJoints that explored what life would be like without chronic disease.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

You don’t need to have a form of arthritis to participate. Anyone with any disease is invited to use the hashtag and share..

To join the chat follow @creakjoints and use the hashtag #CreakyChats.

Past #CreakyChats topics include:

  • Advocacy: Be the squeaky/creaky wheel.
  • Share your #CreakyTruth: 24 hour twitter event.
  • What I wish the world knew about chronic disease: Tips for educating and advocating.
  • A Discussion on Mental Health and Chronic Disease
  • Empowerment Through Action
  • The emotional impact of Chronic Pain
  • Sharing Chronic Disease Pro-tips
  • Patient Doctor Communication: Breaking Down Barriers
  • Topics Rarely Broached in the Chronic Community: Sex, Religion, Money, Politics
  • Touchdown with CreakyJoints: Sports, Movement and Activity with a Chronic Disease
  • New Year, New Reflections Looking at the Year Ahead
  • Managing the Stress of the Holidays
  • Engaging Marginalized Communities: Access, Research, Outcomes.
  • Psoriasis Isn’t Contagious: Education Should Be. Special Guest National Psoriasis Foundation
  • More Than a Diagnosis: Exploring the “Patient” Inside the Person
  • Patient Centered Research: What You Should Know
  • The Arthritis Journey: From Living With to Thriving Together
  • Family Planning & Rheumatic Diseases
  • Male Arthritis Patients: Overcoming Stigma/Achieving Success
  • Stump the Rheum: A Rapidfire Q&A with Dr. Jeff Curtis
  • Creating Support Communities
  • Know Your Labs: The Importance of Diagnostic Testing
  • Fail First Hurts
  • Patient Advocacy in 2017

Past Partners include:

  • U.S. Pain Foundation @US_Pain
  • Lene Anderson @TheSeatedView
  • Dawn Gibson @DawnMGibson
  • Jed Finley @JediMaster941
  • Everyday Health
  • Dr. Victor Montori, Patient Revolution, Mayo Clinic
  • Dina Neils, The Titanium Triathlete
  • Dr. Sherry Pagoto
  • Health Central
  • BlackDoctor.org
  • National Psoriasis Foundation
  • HurtBlogger
  • HealthCentral
  • Men’s Health Network
  • Rheumatology Nurses Society
  • Spondylitis Association of America
  • Arthritis National Research Foundation
  • US Pain Foundation

To read transcripts of chats visit: www.storify.com/creakyjoints. Below is a transcript of our latest #CreakyChats, Engaging Marginalized Communities: Access, Research, Outcomes.