Sandi Davis Advice Part 2

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Sandi Davis, an award winning journalist who shares her pain with her blog, “Sandi’s Ow” has been living with arthritis for 40 years and she’s learned a thing of two about Opioids:

Davis: “Opioids don’t work the same on people who are taking them for pain as for people who are taking them for pleasure. I don’t know what it’s like to be high on an Opioid. I would like to know because it angers me that they are abused so badly and there are so many people in such pain who need them”

Davis jealously guards her Opioids after having them stolen from her handbag. Getting a refill isn’t easy:

Davis: “You’re only allowed a certain number of pills a month and if anything happens to those you’re out of luck until your next date to get them refilled them comes along so there’s no ‘Okay you lost them, here have some more. That doesn’t happen anymore”

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