Sandi Davis on advice to patients part 1

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Award-winning journalist Sandi known for her blog, “Sandi’s Ow”, has some advice for people who are new to Opioids for treatment of their chronic pain. Listen to your doctor:

Davis:  “Keep in front of the pain. I know when a lot of people first start taking them are afraid because yes, they’ve heard all the bad things about how addictive these things can be. If you’re taking them for pain relief, they actually work differently than if you’re taking them to get high. If they tell you to take them every six hours, take them every six hours. You want to control the pain, get on top of it and be in front of it because it you let it get out of control, it takes so much longer to put that beast back in the box”

And that’s a CJ Wrap, I’m Stacey Cahn