Rachelle C. -H. – Patient Governor (Chair)

Rachelle C. -H. 

Rachelle has lived with autoimmune and rheumatic diseases since the age of 19, with changing and evolving diagnosis over time. The most recent diagnoses include inflammatory arthritis, Hashimoto’s Disease, dysautonomia, and chronic migraine with occipital and trigeminal neuralgia. Rachelle believes in looking at patients and people outside of the myopic view of their illness or disability. This view helped to drive her professional life as a teacher, special educator, and behaviorist. Now, as a patient, it has helped her find her voice and focus as a patient, not tolerating any less from the medical professionals who treat her. She is looking to expand the voice of patients in healthcare and healthcare policy. Mother of an adorable toddler, she enjoys historiographies, gardening and junk television.

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