ArthritisPower AssessmentHow many of you were told by your doctor to keep track of your symptoms?

I used to depend on my medical records to track how I was doing, how I reacted to medications and how my disease was progressing. I know every time our family had to move due to military orders, I had to start all over again with another medical team. The recently updated ArthritisPower app from CreakyJoints, is an exciting new way to track your symptoms, make or send reports, and much more. This is especially helpful for me because I am seronegative, which means my blood tests always come back negative when checked for rheumatoid arthritis. I wish this app was around back when I had to move a lot.

Using the app as a tool to track my symptoms is very helpful when I need to start or stop a medication, if I need a higher or lower dosage, or if a healthcare provider wants to see my progress during treatment. It’s so easy to use. Just download from your app store and create an account. You can follow your progress with each health assessment you take. You can also create journal entries.

It’s like your own personal guide in treating and keeping up with your own journey through this illness.

I love having everything in the palm of my hand. This app has helped me explain to current and new doctors my symptoms. I can also upload my blood test results. Oh and did I say it’s also free. Check it out! I’m sure glad I did.