RA Guy Part two

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Return to CJ Hot Topic: Prednisone


Earlier this year, the Blogger known as RA Guy decided to taper off Prednisone completely. It wasn’t the moon face or the tummy bloat that bothered him as much as the emotional side effects of the drug:

RA Guy: “It would feel like I’d just had multiple cans of ‘Red Bull’ or some caffeine stimulant of that sort and I just started noticing I was a little more moody. I’d go from being happy one moment to being angry and depressed the next moment. I didn’t like the way it made me feel.”

So R.A. Guy went off Prednisone under a doctor’s care and is now on a holistic regimen that may not work for everybody and admits may not work for him in the future. Considering going off Prednisone? See your doctor.

And that’s a CJ Wrap, I’m Stacey Cahn