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Return to CJ Hot Topic: Prednisone


RA Guy has had rheumatoid arthritis for ten years. For six years, the only thing that got him moving was Prednisone:

RA Guy: “It was a drug that helped me a lot in terms of just giving me a break from the pain, from the stiffness:

But the doses were increasing in amounts and frequency until RA. Guy felt it was time to taper down. That’s when his body went what he calls “haywire.”

RA Guy: “Just not being able to control my thoughts, mood swings, depression. Of course, there’s the ever present hunger. My body was physically throwing a tantrum and this was beyond the sort of the return of the R.A. that’s normal when a person starts decreasing the dosage.

So under medical supervision, RA Guy tapered off Prednisone completely this year, opting for a holistic approach that he says is working. Questions? See your doctor.

And that’s a CJ Wrap, I’m Stacey Cahn