New for Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease Patients: CreakyJoints “Clean My House”

Non-profit arthritis support group CreakyJoints addresses under served housekeeping needs of those with arthritis and rheumatic disease with new “Clean My House” monthly member drawing
(Upper Nyack, NY) October 3, 2014 CreakyJoints (, a non-profit arthritis education and advocacy organization with an online community of more than 73,000 people, has added an unprecedented new membership benefit: “Clean My House,” a monthly drawing to send a cleaning service to a registered member’s home free of charge.

“House cleaning is never easy but when you have a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia,lupus or other forms or arthritis, pushing a broom or scrubbing a sink can be unbearably painful,” says CreakyJoints co-founder Seth Ginsberg.

Ginsberg, himself a person with arthritis, was diagnosed with spondylarthritis (also known as spondyloarthropathy) at age 13.

The new “Clean My House” benefit was created in response to many CreakyJoints members voicing their inability to take care of their homes satisfactorily due to pain and mobility issues, as well as suffering the subsequent shame that came with having a messy or dirty home.

“This is really a wonderful thing to do for people! I personally get pretty embarrassed at my house sometimes,” wrote Jamie W. on CreakyJoints’ Facebook page. The organization’s page is cited by Facebook as the most popular online arthritis community in the world.

Jennifer B. noted, “Me too…not even kidding. I don’t even invite friends over anymore. Nor do my kids. My tub alone could be a scientific experiment,” while Cindy B. said, “If I win, the cleaning team may run away screaming when they see my house.”

With “Clean My House,” a licensed and bonded cleaning service will be sent to the winning member’s home for five hours to scrub floors, vacuum rugs, scour toilets—whatever cleaning task the winner sees fit.

“It appears we’ve struck a chord with “Clean My House,” says Ginsberg. “When we announced the new monthly drawing on Facebook , the outpouring of praise was instantaneous.”

Here are some of the Facebook accolades for the new housekeeping initiative:

“I can’t tell you what a difference this would make in my life if I won this. I haven’t had a good house cleaning in 4 years. It would be like being reborn! This is the best prize next to the lottery I would want to win! Thank you so much for this opportunity.” ~ Jennifer B

“OMG!! what a blessing it would be!!” ~ Sharon K.

“I moved into my apt over two years ago and it hasn’t had a good cleaning since.” ~ Karen H.

“OH MY GOSH! I would think I died and went to Heaven if I won this!!” ~ Pam Ko Elinore McNutt

“God send” ~ Norman F.

“I’m moving this month. Dreaming of some house cleaning help …you betcha. Thank you CreakyJoints!” ~ Sandra S.

“GODZIRRA I hope I win!” ~ Claudia H.

“What a wonderful give-a-way! Sure could use this!” ~ Cheryl Pekuri Wright

“The one contest I really would like to win! Windows need it! LOL” ~ Elinore McNutt

To be included in the new “Clean My House” monthly drawing, arthritis and rheumatic disease patients simply need to ‘Create an Account’ on the CreakyJoints website. Member information is protected and is not sold. CreakyJoints, a non-profit, accepts no advertising.

About CreakyJoints
CreakyJoints, part of the not-for-profit Global Healthy Living Foundation, is a dynamic support, education and advocacy organization with a sometimes irreverent tone for people with all forms of arthritis and rheumatic disease. Founded in 1999, today CreakyJoints is more than 73,000 strong, and according to Facebook, the most popular arthritis community in the world. CreakyJoints works to create an environment where strength, experience and information can be exchanged to improve quality-of-life through educational programs, supportive social media, smartphone apps and in-person events. More recently, CreakyJoints has emerged as a powerful research network, anonymizing its vast online community to inform the medical and scientific communities about the wants and the needs of the deidentified patient community. Find out more about CreakyJoints at:


Seth Ginsberg, CreakyJoints/GHLF, 845-348-0400 or [email protected]

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