Preserve your access to pain meds: Oppose these two Bills below!

Has the War on Drugs become a War on Patients?  Some members of Congress are pushing the FDA to withdraw its approval of the painkiller Zohydro.


Preserve your access to pain medication! Join CreakyJoints in opposing Congressional legislation that would force the FDA to upturn a scientifically-based decision.


Some members of Congress are pushing to overturn a scientifically-based decision  by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make Zohydro available to people suffering with debilitating chronic pain. Found safe and effective by the FDA, Zohydro has the potential to help millions of patients with chronic pain lead a semblance of a normal life. These patients are not drug abusers and should not be penalized because unfortunately some people abuse painkillers. It is unfair to single out one drug when there are many that can be abused. While Zohydro may seem to have a higher dosage than others–(50mg), it is a 12-hour extended release pill–other pain pills only last for four hours. If a patient takes two 10mg pills every four hours for 12 hours, that is 60 mg – 10 mg more than Zohydro over the same period of time.

(How CreakyJoints communicates with Congress: Your voice carries extra credibility because CreakyJoints confirms your address and district. Your Senator and Representative know your comment is real and that you can vote for or against them, depending on how they act.)

There are two bills below. Be sure to comment on both.