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*Autumn of Art*

Welcome to Poet’s Corner (& Artists too) ~ Issue #35


From our Editor:

This installment is going to showcase different types of artwork. Our special guest is artist Jennifer Taft, who has been featured in several past issues.

Autumn is my personal favorite season, with all of the colors of the leaves. This issue is going to be all about color and I hope you will enjoy what you see.

If you live with a chronic illness and enjoy creating, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

So sit back and enjoy our *Autumn of Art*



CJ Poetry Editor


In this issue:

Fall Bliss (Oil pastels and sharpie by Jennifer Taft)

Ordinary Bark (Photography by Arthritic Chick)

The Horse (Charcoal by Trish Dyne)

Nocturnal (Oil pastel and acrylic paint by Jennifer Taft)

Tale of Brenda’s Right Hand (Story and Photography by Brenda Kleinsasser)



Editor’s Note: Jennifer Taft

Jennifer Taft describes her passion for art, in her own words:

From the time I was little I have been surrounded by creative people. My mom painted, my grandmother painted. My father was into photography. I have always believed creative people see the world a little differently. I had stopped painting and drawing thru most of my adult life, harnessed creative energy into teaching, children, and photography. Until 3 years ago when I broke my foot and had a lot of down time from surgery. It became my therapy and still to this day is.  I tend to have to be creative in my abilities due to RA, but get great joy out of creating and have been lucky to sell and be commissioned to create a few pieces!


Fall Bliss

Fall Bliss created with oil pastels and sharpie by Jennifer Taft


Editor’s Note: Arthritic Chick

Arthritic Chick describes something new she has been pursuing, in her own words:

Since my arthritis has progressed to a point where my hand strength and dexterity is too poor to draw or play music, I have looked for other avenues for my creativity.  Photography has filled the void.


Ordinary Bark

Ordinary bark, leaves and weeds become beautiful in their frosty sculpture. Photography by Arthritic Chick


Editor’s Note: Trish Dyne

Trish Dyne in her own words:

I have entered several pieces over the years for chronic illness and disability exhibitions, most recently “Connections” in November 2014.

I have started drawing and writing since becoming ill 8 years ago, and being diagnosed with several Auto Immune Diseases.

Prior to medical retirement I was a Project Manager and Director in I.T. and 3rd year Law student.

I am no longer able to study or work and my husband is now my full time career.


The Horse

The Horse created with charcoal by Trish Dyne



Editor’s Note: Jennifer Taft

Jennifer Taft shares another piece of artwork with us.



Nocturnal created with oil pastel and acrylic paint by Jennifer Taft



Editor Brenda on “Trevor’s Golden Corner” 

For those of you who are not familiar with Trevor, he is a Golden Retriever who helps Brenda out with spreading Tales of Awareness.

Trevor’s Golden Corner:  A Tale of Brenda’s Right Hand



Brenda has lived with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for over twenty-four years. Some days, are really difficult and there are even times when the disease attacks a certain part of her body. She experienced a very bad attack of her right hand several years ago and wanted to illustrate, what it was like. She believes you have to keep fighting every day, no matter what this disease may throw at you. Someone told her once, that she is stronger than this disease and they were right.


Keep Calm & Fight RA

Keep Calm and Fight RA Every Day


We hope you will join us next month, when our special guest will be Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy.