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 Soar, Sunset, Revelation, and Hiking


Welcome to Poet’s Corner (& Artists too) ~ Issue #31


From our Editor:


This month we are dedicating an entire issue to artistry and photography. Each of our entrants lives with a form of arthritis, but it does not stop him or her from being creative.

Our special guest is Kathryn Lane Berkowitz, Artisan Designer, who lives with psoriatic arthritis. In our special feature, you will find out more about this wonderful artist and her stunning bead embroidery.

If you partake in any form of artistic expression and live with a chronic illness, we’d love to share your work. Please contact me at  [email protected]

I hope you enjoy our Gallery of Talents.



CJ Poetry Editor



In this issue:


Soar(Bead Embroidery by Kathryn Lane Berkowitz)

Sunset (Photography by Alan Brewington)

Revelation(Bead Embroidery by Kathryn Lane Berkowitz)

Hiking(Photography by Alan Brewington)

Tale of a Golden Friend (Story and Photograph by Brenda Kleinsasser)


Editor’s Note: Kathryn Lane Berkowitz ~ Our special guest shares in her own words:

I am an artist living with psoriatic arthritis. I was a birth doula for 20 years before PsA forced me to retire. The silver lining is that I am able to spend more time focusing on my passion for art.

In addition to my own artmaking, I now work part-time in a day support arts program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I am very thankful for a job that I can physically handle with my limitations which also enriches my creative heart.


Soar Bead Embroidery

Soar by Kathryn Lane Berkowitz


Here is a website where you can check out more of Kathryn’s designs:  http://www.blueridgedivadesigns.blogspot.com/



Editor’s Note: Alan Brewington

Alan is going to share one of his beloved hobbies with us, which is photography. Alan and I work together as CreakyJoints Regional Outreach Managers. Alan also authors a blog, Pain Talks, but DOES NOT WIN!  http://www.paintalks.com/

His first photograph is of a sunset. Alan took this while skiing after work. He also shares that Boise is famous for inversions too.



Sunset at Bogus Basin Ski Resort by Alan Brewington



Editor’s Note: Kathryn Lane Berkowitz ~ Our special guest shares more of her artistry with us

Revelation 22 Bead Embroidery

Revelation by Kathryn Lane Berkowitz

Here is another website, where you can enjoy more of her exquisite artwork:  http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/home/blueridgediva



Editor’s Note: Alan Brewington

Here is another photograph by Alan, one he took while hiking on a trail that he had never been on before.  Alan also said that sometimes you just have to get away from life and be outside for awhile.


Hiking on a Trail by Alan Brewington

Editor Brenda on “Trevor’s Golden Corner” 

For those of you who are not familiar with Trevor, he is a Golden Retriever who helps Brenda out with spreading Tales of Awareness.

Trevor’s Golden Corner: Tale of a Golden Friend




One Friday afternoon, Brenda was walking home from work and heard a dog barking. She turned around to see that it was a golden retriever in a fence. She was so excited. She has since befriended him and even allowed her take some photographs, one which she is sharing here. She saw the owner outside one day and of course, wanted to know some things about this beautiful creature. She asked if she could find some things out, about their dog. Turns out he is a little over a year, is a rescue and barks way too much, which is not typical of golden retrievers. Brenda also found out his name, which is Bruce. Brenda thinks he is just lonely and craves people giving him attention. She has found when she starts talking to him and calling him by name, he stops barking. He always wants to play and seems very friendly, according to Brenda.


Now you may be wondering if Trevor here is jealous? She tells me that they are just friends, so why should I be? BOL If this makes Brenda happy being able to spend some time with one of my own, then who am I to not grant her that pleasure?  She looks forward to seeing him as much as possible. I am glad that they found each other. To see her smiling face when she gets home, makes me a happy dog. BOL

We wanted to also share our blog link, if you would be interested in reading more about our tales. I tell most of them, as only good old Trevor can. http://brendasbrainstorm.blogspot.com/   It’s called Brenda’s Brainstorm & Trevor, because we are a team. We will be back next time with another tale of Trevor’s Golden Corner.


Bruce, golden friend by Brenda Kleinsasser



Be sure and join us next month, when our special guest will be Daniel Malito, a featured blogger with CreakyJoints.