16 January 2014

I showed up bright and early,
A list of questions in my hand,
Ready for new marching orders,
Or all that I could stand.

But then the little cutie,
Who sits behind the desk,
Says “Darlin, you just missed them,
Your doc and colleagues, they just left.”

I burst into woeful tears,
Like a girl abandoned at prom.
Is my doctor mad at me?
Did I do something wrong?

I love my Rheumatologist,
He’s gentle, witty, and wise.
He doesn’t condescend,
Or give me pity eyes.

I’ve been stood up,

By the best doc I’ve ever had,

Only he can get away with this,

And fix my heart that’s sad.

Keeping anxiety in check,
I called to find out why.
He can make a mistake or two.
But… was it him
or was it I?

It seems there is another ‘me’,
Someone who shares my name,
She is in the hospital now,
With some other kind of pain.
She tried to cancel her visit ahead,
But ended up cancelling mine instead.
So for the first time in history,
I’m really glad that I’m not me.

(Well wishes for the other Donna out there!)