25 June 2014

Fluffy warm bathrobes
with soft fuzzy slippers,
Frozen tart cherries
and easy zip zippers.
Salmon and herring baked with some spice,
These are the things that help me feel nice.

Hot bubble baths
and clean sheets on the bed,
Frozen peas on my knees
and hair on my head,
Walking without pain
and smelling tangerines,
These are my new favorite things.

Stuff that doesn’t break
or spill when I drop it.
Bottles that open easy
and closures magnetic.
Propped up with pillows
and my favorite book,
Sipping green tea with honey
and extra ginger root.

When a dog bites
I can’t feel it.
Because my joints hurt so bad.
I simply remember my new favorite things
And then I won’t feel so sad!

Poem to be sung like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music (My Favorite Things)