6 May 2014

I made it thru that infinite maze…
I was the next in cue.
I’d punched in all my info,
What more could I do?

The music stopped.
I’ve been cut off.
I am no longer on hold.
My call is so important,

Or that is what I am told.
Did they hang up,
Or leave me stuck?
I’m re-dialing the numbers,
Please once without blunders!
Just one more time,
On this lunch hour of mine…

I yearn for a real voice,
Loosing my patience and poise,
Now I finally got thru!
My enbrel can be renewed!

Sir, I’ve called every day
For 3 weeks straight.
Now I’ve missed two shots,
Do I really need them or not?

This frustration gets hard to swallow.
My papers are still processing?
Tell me you are kidding me.
Yes, I can call back again tomorrow.