25 September 2013


It’s so easy to distract my brain,
When all my thoughts are stuck on pain,
I didn’t have attention deficit before
But now it’s harder to ignore.
I stayed up late with a movie,
Which made me laugh cause it was goofy.
My body stayed so aggravated,
Painful thoughts still dominated.
Then my tummy went uneasy,
Even smells made me queezy
Hot flashes came in the night
I needed cold air so I stepped outside
Can things get any worse tonight?
Barefooted I stepped on a slug in the dark.
My scream caused neighbors dogs to bark.
With arthritis they call it a fog,
But my brain runs a constant monologue.
If I could reach in and turn it all off –
Or even just press pause –
I need a good brain to borrow
Maybe I’ll think clear tomorrow.